‘The models were amazing Mashaa Allah. A real pleasure to work with.’

Lace And Gems (designer)

‘All the models were beautiful mashallah and such a pleasure to work with!’

Heela Clothing (designer)

‘I will definitely be going back next year, it was faaaaaab’

AllTheBitsInBetween (blogger)

‘It was a fantastic event which showcased a range of talent.’

Zahrah and Zinah (bloggers)

‘The most anticipated event of the year to many Muslimahs in London and around the UK’

Zinah Nur Sharif

‘I think events like this are a great way for women, especially Muslims, to gather in a relaxed environment and to have some fun together!’

Safya Saleem

‘SnS provides women, from all walks of life, with the perfect opportunity to get together in the name of charity and celebrate the beauty of a way of life’

A Traveller’s Treasurebox

‘…it’s built quite a reputation for itself, being promoted on various hijab blogs and vlogs, and featuring a great mix of stalls, bloggers, workshops and fashion shows’

A Traveller’s Treasurebox (blogger)

‘I love this idea – I can never seem to find any event that’s similar, just Bazaars closer to Eid time!’

The Sunday Wardrobe (blogger)

‘it was truly wonderful…very exciting!’

The Blushing Giraffe (blogger)