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Cherry Blossom Bouquets is a small company based in London specialising in silk flower bridal bouquets, flower arrangements for events and the home as well as range of floral accessories.
All designs are bespoke made with the customer in mind and there is a little bit of vintage magic in all creations.
Designs range from classic and traditional to more elaborate and unusual designs influenced by the ‘Roaring 1920’s ‘Great Gatsby’ or a classic red bridal outfit.
Designs are made with realistic silk fabric flowers and can be finished with a range of crystals, pearls, diamante, lace and even feathers for an individual touch.
Whatever the colour scheme, theme or design, Cherry Blossom Bouquets can work with you to create something that is completely unique and personal.
For those seeking a little further inspiration there is also a blog which is run by Cherry Blossom Bouquets: www.cherryblossomfloral.blogspot.co.uk

As well as showcasing Cherry Blossom Bouquet Designs, the blog features inspiration and tips for planning a wedding or any special event and offers floral and décor hints, tips and inspiration.
Keep an eye out on the Smoky not Smudgy 2014 fashion show which will feature some unique bouquet designs and floral accessories.
You can find more information and designs on: Instagram @cherryblossombouquets or on the dedicated Facebook page:www.facebook.com/cherryblossombouquets




Evoca Drinks is a consumer brand specialising in the manufacture, development and sales of its own brand of soft drinks. Evoca Drinks has always been a conventional mainstream soft drinks company, but one which also holds some very interesting and unique USP’s that have given it a primary hold over, and a great amount of leverage in, the emerging and very profitable Halal FMCG sector (which includes soft drinks) within the UK and Europe, a market sector which all of the major multinational food players have started operations in, due to its considerable high worth.

Evoca’s Unique Selling Points

Original Product Portfolio – Evoca specialises in the development of original and ‘world-first’ products that stand out in the market place ahead of competitor products.

Natural Ingredients & 0% Alcohol – Evoca has an emphasis on utilising natural ingredients throughout its products, for example natural mineral water, real kola nut, real strawberry juice etc and strictly ensures that no alcohol solvents are utilised during the production processes, that ensuring all products are halal.

Competitively Priced Products – Whilst products are developed to the highest standards possible, to ensure outstanding quality in taste and branding, Evoca nevertheless ensures that the products reach the market place to ensure maximum sales in appropriate channels via competitive pricing.

Evoca Drinks Poster

Evoca Cola

The world’s first drink to be made with a unique extract of the herb black seed and combines a great authentic cola taste and strictly ensures that no alcohol whatsoever is used in any part of the production process. As a result it has truly captured the attention, respect and loyalty of Muslim consumers, whilst maintaining mainstream appeal, as demonstrated by the fact that it was outselling Pepsi in some key Asda stores (being sold in Asda nationally for four years).

Evoca Strawberry

The world’s first carbonated strawberry drink to utilise real strawberry juice, giving it a fantastic fruity taste, as well as natural colourings known as anthocyanins which have beneficial health properties, unlike competitors that are made with artificial flavourings and colourings, by law carrying a potentially harmful to health warning on their products as a result.

Evoca Mango

The world’s first mango drink to be made with 100% mineral water, real fruit, no artificial colouring and 0% alcohol being used in its production processes at any stage – the perfect blend of mango juice and mango puree gives the drink an irresistible taste -the competition suffers from alcohol related issues (the only competitor admits to containing 0.05% alcohol per litre of beverage), is majorly overpriced, and cannot compete in flavour in comparison.



We are really excited to be partnering up with The Models Portal for the Smoky Not Smudgy fashion shows! TMP agency is the number 1 modelling agency for Indian and Asian models in Europe. With clients from all across the globe, TMP has been at the centre of the industry, putting girls of colour on the map! Check out their website for more information http://www.tmpagency.com.