Special Guests!

Productive Muslimah

This year new to SnS 2014 we will be holding a talk by Productive Muslimah at 2pm! We are so excited for this inspiring workshop to help us all be more productive in all aspects of our life!

ProductiveMuslimah is a brand by Productive Muslim Ltd, an online social enterprise dedicated to boosting productivity in the Muslim World. Their brand vision is to help you become active in this life and actively prepared for the HereAfter. ProductiveMuslim.com is a brand that inspires young Muslims to become Productive through Islam and applying the latest productivity techniques. Visit their website for articles, animations, apps, and amazing tips on how you can use your time most efficiently!

Visit her facebook page for amazing tips!


Pearls Of Islam

We cannot wait to hear the beautiful melodies played by the lovely Pearls Of Islam during the opening of ‘How to be a productive Muslimah’ and the afternoon fashion show!

The Pearls of Islam is a group of two young African Caribbean muslimahs. The Pearls of Islam perform a mixture of nasheeds, rap, poetry and spoken word. Their varied work captures the attention of all types of audiences, non Muslim and Muslim alike. The Nasheeds which the girls perform are in both English and Arabic and written with enthusiasm and love. They have been together for almost three years, and already have travelled the whole of the UK, and have just come back from doing a tour with mecca2medina in the Netherlands. They emphasises on spreading the love of Rasululah(saw) and the love of Haq(truth) in their hearts and everyone else.

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Click below to have a listen to a selection of their beautiful songs!