Smoky Not Smudgy has been featured and mentioned in various blogs and reviews year on year. Links can be found below:

SNS 2014

Modest Street Vlogged for SNS 2014

Vlog By Ezzakins

Sebina H’s take on SNS 2014: [Evening Fashion Show] [Blog Post]

A take on SNS 2014 by Bubblegum Hijab

The Blushing Giraffe’s Review: [Part 1] [Part 2]

A Traveller’s Treasurebox’s Review

TwoFancy’s Review

SNS 2013

Check out Sweet Modesty’s feature on us here

Hijablicious wrote about us too!

Youtube sensation Saimasmileslike Vlogged about us!

The Curious Orchid blogged about us again! Check out the beautiful photos here

SNS 2012

Zinah Nur Sharif reported for Aquila Style

Saima aka Saimasmileslike vlogged AND blogged about us, we were lucky enough to have her present the Fashion Show!

ThisPaperGirlBlogs held a stall and blogged about us too!

Beautiful photos from the Curious Orchid

Chocoholic Hijabi came to our event and applied some beautiful henna on our guests!

SNS 2011

iHijabi posted about SnS on her lovely blog

Zahra B. Zakariya wrote an amazing review of the whole event!

ZNZ Abaya talk about their participation in the SnS Fashion Show of 2011!

SNS 2010

Great blog from AllTheBitsInBetween