Nahara is a luxury womenswear label, with influences taken from Islamic art. We are excited to be featuring Nahara in this  year’s show as her brilliant designs offer a modern twist on contemporary, perfect for the woman of today!

With minimalist designs, beautiful fabric and fluid lines, Nahara creates a contemporary expression of traditional and artisanal skills. Nahara allows a woman to be modern, urban and spiritual; to be connected to her past, while living in the present.

The essence of the brand lies in its search for personal and collective identity. This may be seen in a meaningful pattern, a small fragment of a hand woven textile, or in the familiarity of the shape and fall of a garment.

Nahara was created in London in 2013 by Sonya Ahmed. Travelling in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Sonya developed an interest in Islamic art and design. Nahara was born from a desire to combine the spiritual beauty of traditional art with the sleek, minimalist lines of contemporary fashion.

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