Aywa London

Waqaas Ahmed brings you the luxury British Abaya brand with the vision to introduce the Abaya to the cosmopolitan woman.  Aywa brings together Waqaas’ love of Fashion, Style, History and Culture.

With grace and elegance being at the heart of the brand, Aywa allows you to feel stylish and confident, without having to compromise your modesty.

“I want the woman to feel proud when she goes out in her Abaya. I want her to look forward to updating her wardrobe, which includes her next Abaya”

Each Abaya is a one-off, so if you’re wearing an Aywa,  take pride in wearing one of the most exclusive designs on the scene.

Keep updated with Aywa on:

Website: http://www.aywa.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aywacollection

Twitter: @waqaasahmed

Instagram: @aywalondon