Avizeh is company which is born out of the love and culture of ethnic Afghanistan. Avizeh translates jewelry in Farsi. This unique name speaks for what we cater for and the rich cultural heritage of jewelry making which dates back to thousand of years ago and at time of when great trading routes flourished through Afghanistan. At Avizeh we aim to provide everyone a chance to buy traditional Afghan jewelry whether it is from the nomad tribe Kuchi or the ethnic valleys/ mountains of Afghanistan. We are the first U.K company which provide the opportunity to purchase authentic Afghan jewelry and unique experience to buy hand crafted one off- jewelry pieces that are not recreated or reordered.

We are proud to announce that At SNS we will preview our fourth collection ,

‘A Nomads Tale’ which focuses on traditional nomadic Afghan style which has reigned Afghanistan for decades and how elements of this style have shaped / inspired recent western nomadic styles (Bohemian , Hippie etc).

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