Smoky Not Smudgy (SNS) is an all ladies pampering event which originated 10 years ago, by a small group of students at Imperial College London as part of an initiative to raise money for orphans and needy children via Charity Week*, a university led campaign acting on a global scale. Team spirit coupled with an unfaltering will of girl power thus brought Smoky Not Smudgy into the limelight and expanded to immeasurable heights, where year after year girls all came together to push further than ever to make their SNS even better!

10 years on, now we have a large collection of brands exhibiting at our souk bazaar, our very own food court, luxury pampering services for our visitors to relax the day away, and our sell-out fashion shows featuring high end brands and designers.

2014 saw SNS alone raise £12,860.49, with all proceeds going straight to charity; this has helped to build mobile clinics in Syria, clean water to Africa and the only prosthetic limb centre of its kind in Gaza to name but a few.

The next event is slowly approaching us, with brand new ideas and concepts in the works, so join us on our journey by supporting us in the way you do best!

Lots of love,

SNS Girls of 2017 xxx

*Visit www.onecharityweek.com for more information about the Charity Week campaign itself.